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Hey ya'll I'm Erin and I'm the artist here at The Salty Life Co. (obviously)

I have always had big dreams. As a child I dreamed that:
I will become an artist, DONE!
I will grow up and eat cake for breakfast, DONE!
I will live near the beach, DONE!
I will float in the Dead Sea, I'M WORKING ON IT....


As an adult I continue to dream, but I'm more realistic:

I want to find the best sandwiches in every town I visit, it's a slow process.
I want to laugh every day, DONE! (Thanks to my husband and daughters)
I will drink plenty of water each day, but Coffee and Ginger Ale taste so good...
I want to like Kale chips, but Circus Peanuts are magical.


My goal for The Salty Life Co. is to create art for those who love the ocean and a laid back lifestyle. When your decorating your home you find pieces that speak to you or go with your overall look. I struggled to find art that wasn't beach photography, tropical prints, and bright colors. I create pieces for the people who love the ocean, but don't want their home to be so literal and cliché. My art is inspired by the beach. I prefer things to be simple and natural so my art reflects my life. I offer pieces and products that I use in my regular life so that you can live a laidback lifestyle and have a beautiful home.

The Sea, once it casts its spell, it holds one in its net of wonder forever

Jacques Cousteau